Blockchain Projects at KCL

Voting over the Blockchain

We demonstrated the first implementation of a self-tallying election over Ethereum (250+ stars on Github) that lets anyone count the votes without a tallying authority. The group is involved in ‘Trusted and Transparent Voting Systems’ which is a £600k EPSRC project.

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Scaling Cryptocurrencies via State Channels

Sprites was one of the first constructions for state channels, Pisa is the first accountable third party to watch over channels, and Kitsune is the first case study of state channels. The Ethereum Foundation and Ethereum Community Fund have sponsored $350k for us to further research and implement of state channels.

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Educational Outresearch

We offer a cryptocurrency course for MSc students and support a free blockchain developer training workshop in London. Our goal is to support students and new developers to break into the blockchain space. We also offer in-house blockchain training for companies at a competitive rate.

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Research Team

Academic Staff:

Prof Peter McBurney

Dr Patrick McCorry

Research Associates and Engineers:

Chris Buckland

Luke Riley

Grammateia Kotsialou


Jacob Swambo

Academic Publications

[PREPRINT] You sank my battleship! A case study to evaluate state channels as a scaling solution for cryptocurrencies

Patrick McCorry, Chris Buckland, Surya Bakshi, Karl Wust, Andrew Miller

[PREPRINT] Pisa: Arbitration Outsourcing for State Channels

Patrick McCorry, Sarah Bakshi, Iddo Bentov, Sarah Meiklejohn, Andrew Miller

[SPW’18] Why Preventing a Cryptocurrency Heist Isn’t Good Enough

Patrick McCorry, Malte Moser and Taha Ali
Not online

[Bitcoin’18] Smart Contracts for Bribing Miners

Patrick McCorry, Alexander Hicks and Sarah Meiklejohn